To work with federal, State, county, and local entities to plan, develop, fund, implement, and maintain a safe comprehensive sustainable trail network in the Sam Houston National Forest for diverse outdoor recreational uses including but not limited to hiking, cycling, equestrian, motorized, camping, hunting, fishing, and birdwatching while protecting natural resources and educating others accordingly.

Sam Houston National Forest

The Sam Houston National Forest contains 163,030 acres of piney woods, rivers, and lakes within Montgomery, Walker, and San Jacinto counties. Its existing 300 miles of trails include the 128 mile Lone Star Hiking Trail, 85 miles of multi-use trail, 30 miles of cycling trails, and 20 miles of equestrian trails.



Linda Secrist –President@samhoustontrails.com

Vice President

Jeff Raymer – VP@samhoustontrails.com


Cindy Mettes – Secretary@samhoustontrails.com


Cindy Mettes – Treasurer@samhoustontrails.com


Lori MoseleyMembership@samhoustontrails.com


At-Large Director

Linda Secrist – At-large@samhoustontrails.com

Cycling Director

Rick ValdezCycling@samhoustontrails.com

Equestrian Director

Cindy Mettes – Equestrian@samhoustontrails.com

Hiking Director

Lori MoseleyHiking@samhoustontrails.com

Motorized Director

Jeff Raymer – Motorized@samhoustontrails.com

To send an email to all Directors, use bod@samhoustontrails.com

Mailing Address

Sam Houston Trails Coalition

502 W. Montgomery #236

Willis, TX  77378


(936) 337-3348