Future Projects


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Lonestar Hiking Trail San Jacinto Bridges - RTP grant RT-15018


1. Replace a major trail bridge over the East Fork of the San Jacinto River in the Sam Houston National Forest on the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) at mile 71.1 including relocating a portion of the trail leading to the bridge; and 

2. Repair and restore abutment for a complex bridge on the LSHT at mile 92.3 over the San Jacinto River in the Winters Bayou Section

Richards-Raven Equestrian Trail - RTP grant RT-21012


The purpose of this grant is to fund Phase IV of the equestrian trail in the Sam Houston National Forest (SHNF).  It includes clearing 16.32 miles of trail and constructing 3 bridges, culverts, and tread hardening on the 3.17 connector trail (Thorn Hill Trail).

Multi-Use Trail Westside Rehabilitation


Renovation of 20 miles of multi-use trail with repair/replacement of bridges, repair/installation of new signage, rehabilitation of trailheads.