Get Involved

Volunteers help maintain and expand trails in the Sam Houston National Forest (SHNF).

Volunteers can get involved administratively or on the trail.  They can serve all trails, some trails, or choose a specific user group.  

The four user groups are: 

The user groups have different levels of involvement and needs.  Variations of needs are due to the type of trail, Trail Maintenance Objectives (TMO), storm damage, and grant projects.  Collaboration and help between groups is frequent.  We'd love your help regardless of interest. 

When the Coalition has grants with match requirements, volunteer time is worth $21.35/hour, and then volunteers contribute in two ways:  (1) the actual work done and (2) the supplies, material, and professional services they've helped pay for.  However, this time only counts when the volunteer hours are submitted! 

The Sam Houston Trails Coalition exists because of volunteers.  Maintenance, construction, and rehabilitation wouldn't happen without these advocates.  We hope you'll get involved!

If you would like to receive notification of upcoming service projects, do the following:

You will need a Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA) to volunteer in the forest.  Fill it out (be sure to sign and date the back of the form) and send it to Heather.Spencer@usda.govOnce approved and signed by the USFS, it will be returned to you and is considered "fully executed".  You may then volunteer on the trail.  Keep a copy of the VSA with you while working in the forest (hard copy or on your phone).  Please note that minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/appointed guardian.