A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is specific according to the nature of the work and equipment used during the Service Project.

  • Trail Maintenance JHA - the most common, used for general trail work (lopping, hand tools / brushing, power tools and mowing with push mower, zero turn mower, and walking brush cutter).

  • Chainsaw JHA - if you use a chainsaw. Requires sawyer certification.

  • Heavy Equipment JHA - if you use dozers, excavators, etc. Requires equipment certification and USFS Driver's License.

  • General Driving JHA - if you use any Forest Service automobile. Requires USFS Driver's License.

  • Trailer and Towing JHA - if you use any Forest Service truck and trailer. Requires USFS Driver's License.

If you have questions about which JHA to choose, please contact president@samhoustontrails.com.