EVENT:    USFS Sawyer Training and Certification

Date:   October 6-7, 2023 for new sawyers (2-day course)

 October 7, 2023 for existing sawyer recertification

TIME:         9:00AM - 5:00PM (Saturday may be shorter)

LOCATION: Friday - USFS Ranger Station or virtual classroom

 Saturday - Field location TBD

COST:   Free 

The Sam Houston Trails Coalition is pleased to partner with the USFS to offer annual Sawyer Training and Certification.  Volunteer sawyers in the Sam Houston National Forest provide a critical service to remove downed trees from recreational trails.  There is always a need for sawyers, especially after severe storms and high winds.

If you would like to attend the new sawyer training or get recertified please complete the form below.  

Prerequisites include a valid Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA), First-Aid/CPR from a certified organization, and Blood-born Pathogens.  Pre-course work must be completed and submitted to the USFS by October 3rd (sooner is better).  Send documentation to 

For more information on sawyer certification and the prerequisites, see the Volunteer Certification page.